Tuesday, March 6

Long White Tie

Last night I went to the parent's meeting for Turkey's 1st Holy Communion coming in May.  After we reviewed the spiritual side of the process we got down to the nitty gritty schedules, rehearsals (there are two of them) and dress code for the day.

The girls half of the dress code took up more than half the page, with over a paragraph dedicated to the need for girls to dress modestly.  Which, in my opinion, is very understandable in this day and age seeing the way some of Turkey's classmates dress in warmer weather.

The boys dress code called for dark trousers, dark dress socks (no white socks), dark dress shoes (no sneakers), long sleeve white shirt and a white long tie, no-clips ons (bow-ties are also not allowed... good thing he's bed bud E isn't in his class).

I was bummed.  Husband and I had been planning on buying him his first suit. We saw this as a right of passage for a boy his age; and we were looking forward to it.  No I suppose I could still buy him a suit, but really what is the point; by the time he has a chance to wear it again he'll be too big for it anyhow... but this is the boy that wanted a tuxedo to wear the house and to school this time last year.

So now I've started the search for the perfect white tie; as this seems to be the only "out of the ordinary" item of clothing he'll need for the day.

Now if we had a little girl we'd be looking for that special dress and veil and sweater and what have you.  OK, sure I'd end up having to spend a lot more money; but really where is the fun in buying a white tie?

And it's always been this way.  Any mother of a boy can tell you clothing selections are far more limited for boys than girls.  Don't have a son, next time you are shopping just compare the boys clothing area to the size of the girls clothing area and you'll get my drift.

Oh well.... it's not like we can take pictures inside the church anyhow.  Yes, relatives you read that right, no photos IN the church.  Sigh....


La Reine said...

Oy. A white tie? I'm sure it will be a monumental day, regardless! I'm a little baffled by the no pics in the church. When our youngest was baptized, we had a photographer!

Trifectagirl said...

An idea - can you have the underside of the tie embroidered with the date to turn it into a bit more of a keepsake than a plain white tie?

You can always add Monkey's details down the track, too.

Anonymous said...

I am equally frustrated - our church gave us the cheesy unattractive ties. Our nephew took his First Communion in new tan dress slacks, a blue blazer, and a beautiful tie. I had hoped this would be Ethan's first blazer - like you, a rite of passage.

Instead we'll spring for dress shoes, black dress pants, and a crisp white (not oxford) dress shirt. Shame, as Ethan now loves straight ties.

Are you planning on a big celebration? G's family is looking at me cross-eyed when I said I wanted to do this, but when G's nephew had his big day, it was a BIG day. I think Ethan deserves a celebration for him, and I want to go all out - not bouncy house in front of the house out, but Italian cake from Mozzicato's and a nice brunch.

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