Monday, March 19

Milk & Cookies

Friday evening I got home from work and let out a deep sigh welcoming the weekend.  Dinner plans that evening we're easy; tuna melts and soup and after some thought we decided to make it even easier with just the sandwiches and some fruit.

Since dinner didn't really need my attention right away, and there was no homework or next day's activities to attend to I decided I relax on the couch and watch some TV with Husband.  Usually when I get home I nurse Monkey in his room, and then come down and make dinner; instead I nursed him while relaxing and watching TV.  It was a nice change of pass; but he didn't seem to like the change and didn't nurse very well.  I was frustrated, because the girls were rather full after a long day; so I decided to have an Oreo (peanut-butter Oreo to be exact) to drown my sorrows... :-)

That's when I had the great idea of offering Monkey an Oreo; after all what's cuter than your baby while a chocolate grin.

Copying his mama he pulled the top off and licked out the icing, and then ate the cookie halves.  After his second cookie he was looking a little parched so Husband suggested I offer him some milk; what goes better with cookies he asked.

So I offered to nurse him again.  And you know what?  He was thirsty this time.


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