Monday, March 5

A Miraculous Recovery

Yesterday morning Turkey seemed fine when we dropped him off for CCD.  When I picked him up 50 short minutes later that was not the case.  Even before I saw him his teacher were telling me how sick he was, and hos he was "going down him fast".

We headed to Mass and he curled up on the bench with his head on my lap.  Add an extra grouchy Monkey and we left half way through (so not our style).

We stopped at the store on the way home and used one of the big two seater grocery carts, since Turkey didn't seem like he could walk so well.  He was having hot and cold flashes and whining something terrible.  On the way he just kept saying all he wanted to do was go to bed.... and seeing how he took a two and a half hour nap the day before we figured he must be sick.  I gave him some Nyquil and sent him off to bed.

He spent the next six hours in his room, awake and complaining about "loosing his mind" since there was nothing to do (mind you, he trashed the place playing).  At dinner he didn't eat much and was terribly stuffy and whiny, so back to bed he went.  Husband and I talked during dinner and decided to keep him home from school today, because something didn't seem right.

Around 7pm, him and I spent sometime together working with his Fizzy-Foamy Science Kit and off to bed he went for the night falling asleep right away.

At 6:15 this morning he climbed into bed with us and I told him he was staying home sick from school.  He had to go in he proclaimed; today they were going to start selling Smencils and he had $5 to spend on them.  I told him if he was going then he had to make his lunch and get dressed.  Within 20 minutes both items were done and he was eating breakfast, ready and excited for school.

What was this a miraculous recovery?  An allergy to CCD and church?  A reaction from the Fizzy-Foamy Science Kit?  Or perhaps just the lure of the Smencils is all that was needed to heal him?  YOU DECIDE.


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