Thursday, March 22

Project Food Budget (Week 25)

Project Food Budget can be summed up in one word this week:
Goal: $50
Actual: $87.57 and then plus some - $72.17 at the grocery on Sunday, then a trip to the fruit stand after I went over budget... and then today, details to come on that below.

Our menu this week was suppose to look like:
Monday: left-overs
Tuesday: dinner at Mom's house
Wednesday: sweet and sour chicken and pineapple over brown rice
Thursday: dinner at Mom's house
Friday: egg salad sandwiches for a meager meal of the week
Saturday: cube steaks, corn and baked potatoes
Sunday: grilled chicken skewers

With so many meals out of the house, plus the leftovers, it was such a shame to go over budget.  Really I blame it on not using a calculator.  I thought we did good, turned out not so much.  Guess it's back to the calculator.

So Tuesday we ended up canceling on Mom because I went into work late, thus stayed late, etc.

Then late Wednesday night we got a call that Mom was in the ER, she got trampled by one of her horses (I'll post more about this later I am a little drained to hash it over again right now); so we spent more money while we were at the hospital today; and clearly Mom didn't make us dinner (she's still in the hospital - don't worry she's expected to make a full recovery).  And I am sure we'll spend more tomorrow while we are out; even if we pack snacks for the kids.  I guess some weeks just can't be helped to go over budget; but I am really kicking myself for not keeping it in budget on Sunday.  I guess this is a good lesson.


EricaG said...

Wow...I hope your mom is feeling better. You get a "pass" on the budget this week. :) Fifty dollars is a pretty amazing goal for a family of four.

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